Being with PCFS for more than a decade is my honour. It has become like a second family to me, it has greatly helped me to be more sociable, physically and mentally healthy as I’m always surrounded by great and positive teammates to train along with.


Development Team

I started Cycling in 2010. Beyond taking my mind off work and school, it showed me that I am more capable than I give myself credit for. Many achievements and 11 years later, I have made valuable friends in PCFS and memories to last me a lifetime


Development Team

I enjoy the speed when I am on the go, get to know PCFS through the recommendation of my friend.  Through the years of involvement in handcycling, I became physically stronger, more independent as well as more confident when interacting with my fellow teammates and coaches. Come and join us to awake the inner self and potential in you!

Amanda Mok

Development Team

Throughout my years with PCFS, it has been a great and fruitful journey. I have benefitted alot from joining the team. As i progress along with the team, i became more confident with myself and more outspoken.
I also learnt in depth what it is like to be a sportsperson and I realised that this sports isn’t just about training and competing overseas.


Development Team

Training with PCFS has been a real privilege. Apart from learning technical skills, I also enjoy great company with fellow athletes and PCFS team. It has become my home away family, sharing the same goals.
I am given the opportunity to follow a training plan specifically designed to enhance my performance on the handcycling and I have no doubt that all trainings and support from PCFS will ultimately give me a leg up on the competitions.


Development Team

When I first time joining PCFS, know nothing about hand cycling. Through joining PCFS, it has widen my knowledge about hand cycling and has also improved my social enagement to know more about the people there, the coaches, volunteers and my teammates. Through mingling with them, it has built my confident in my communication with people there and no longer having a shy personality. Always look forward and excited to be at the training over the weekends.


Junior Team

I joined the Paracycling Federation of Singapore on the 15th of October 2015. I wanted to have some physical leisure group activities apart from my desk bound job. I am not physically active by nature due to my physical disability. I tried to do individual exercises such as walking but I did not enjoy it as I was doing it alone and I gave up after a while. The training sessions are helping me in the following ways such  as To engage in physical exercise as a group in order to have fun, to keep myself fit and maintain my weight and meeting up with different people apart from my usual group of friends.

I would like to thank everyone involved including the coaches, caregivers and volunteers for making the training sessions fun and enjoyable.

Ahmad Raghib Yasar (Piklu)

Junior Team

My adventure with the handcycling sport began in 2013. At the time, I had no idea what handcycling was or how a handcycle looks like. Aside from the regular trainings, we took part in a variety of outreach events, including cycling along park connectors, on CBD roads (as part of the Car Free Sunday event), and at Singapore Sports Hub for race event.

I am grateful to PCFS for providing us with the opportunity to participate in this unique sport. In addition to being trained by a certified coach, we are provided with a handcycle to ride on, which is rather expensive and requires a lot of maintenance. I’m also thankful for the kindness and warmth support of the volunteers and caregivers.
This is a sport that I thoroughly enjoy! Thank You PCFS!

Owen Li

Junior Team