Together with my pilot Ang Kee Meng, we are surprised and pleased to be the recipient of this year’s SDSC’s Sportsman (Resilience) of the Year award.
Our Paralympic journey is like a roller coaster ride. We crashed during the qualifying round at the Asian Para Track Cycling Championship in South Korea in Oct 2019. We were bruised and injured, luckily we were given another chance to clock our timing, endured our pain and squeeze into the finals and make a comeback to win the hard earned bronze medal 2 hours later.
Then I faced a setback of having back injuries in August last year, going through surgery in Oct, bouncing back 3 months later to make a comeback to continue training hard for the Paralympics.
We would like to thank Singapore Disability Sports Council and Haw Par Corporation for presenting us the award.
And to all our family, friends, colleagues, our sponsor Bridgestone Asia Pacific, our coach, our gym trainer, Sports Singapore SMC staffs and everyone out there, appreciate all your help and support throughout our journey.
Lastly, I would like to dedicate my quote for this award and to everyone out there if you face setbacks, always remember:
“Do not allow setbacks to hold you back, bounce back from your setback to make a comeback.”
Source from Steve Kee Facebook