Para Cycling Federation of Singapore
Nomination Criteria for Para Cycling
2022 Asian Para Games
Document last updated: 30 March 2022
a. The next Asian Para Games will be held in Hangzhou, China, from 9-15 October, 2022 (as of March 2022; dates may be subject to changes).
b. Sports and disciplines offered TBC. Should the sport not be offered in the Games, PCFS will dispense with the nomination process.
c. This nomination policy describes the process and criteria set under the Para Cycling Federation of Singapore (PCFS) to nominate athletes to the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC).
SDSC in turn nominates athletes to the Singapore National Paralympic Council (SNPC).
SNPC has the sole and final decision in selection of athletes to represent Singapore at the 2022 Asian Para Games.
To be eligible for consideration as an athlete representative, the participant must:
a. Be a Singapore citizen
b. Be over 15 years old in the year of the Games (2022 – year of birth)
c. Comply with the sport-specific classification rules1
d. Athlete agrees to attend PCFS-mandated training sessions, with a minimum attendance of at least 80% per month from the time of nomination until the Games
e. Be in good standing with PCFS, SDSC and SNPC
a. Qualification period (per SNPC): January 2021 – July 2022
Minimum Qualification Standard (MQS)
b. Performance during qualification event must at least match, in official time/speed, the 6th placing of the event at the 2018 Asian Para Games.
c. For non-quantifiable events, comparative performances against the 6th placing at the 2018 Asian Para Games will be taken into consideration in determining their eligibility for nomination.
d. Should the sport or event not be in the 2018 Asian Para Games, the top two placed athletes of the specific class, at national games and championships sanctioned by PCFS and SDSC, may be eligible for nomination.
i. There must be a minimum of 4 competitors for the 2nd placed athlete to be considered.
1 Refer to UCI Cycling Regulations Part 16 Para-Cycling)
ii. Should there be 3 or less competitors, only the 1st placed athlete may be eligible for nomination.
e. All nominations should also be supported with a comparison of the athlete’s time/speed against regional and/or national results.
f. Developmental athletes2 whose performance shows a variance of not more than 10% from the 6th placing at the 2018 Asian Para Games may be considered for nomination.
g. Athletes whose results do not meet the MQS, but are needed to form a combined class/category for team events, may be considered for nomination.
h. Refer to Section 5 for other considerations by the PCFS Nomination Panel.
Only official results from events identified by PCFS or SDSC will be considered. This includes, but is not limited to:
a. Singapore National Para Cycling Championships (ITT)
b. All UCI-sanctioned Para Cycling events
a. The PCFS Nomination Panel will comprise of the President, Vice-President and Team Manager of PCFS. The 4th person in the panel shall be a member of the PCFS Committee who shall have no conflicts of interest with the selection process.
b. The Nomination Panel will perform the duties of:
i. Assessing and nominating athletes to SDSC
ii. Presenting justifications on the selection of athletes where necessary
c. Assessment shall be based on:
i. Athlete’s performance within qualification period
ii. Athlete’s track record
iii. Coach’s recommendation
d. Additional considerations:
i. Attitude and behavior
ii. Demonstrated level of commitment
iii. Current skill level, health and fitness
iv. Potential for future development
v. Ability to demonstrate team spirit; works well with teammates and staff
2 Developmental athletes refer to athletes who have competed in international para sports competitions for not more than 5 years.
a. After assessments are completed, the PCFS Nomination Panel will submit their athlete nominations to the SDSC. PCFS will publish the list of nominated athletes on its website.
b. Nominations that are approved by SDSC will in turn be submitted by SDSC to SNPC.
c. SNPC has the sole and final decision in selecting or not selecting athletes to represent Team Singapore at the 2022 Asian Para Games.
a. Appeal against non-nomination by PCFS must be made in writing to the president of PCFS within 48 hours of the announcement of the nominees.
b. An appeal must be made in writing, with supporting documentation, and accompanied by a deposit of S$100.00, payable to “Para Cycling Federation of Singapore”. Should the appeal be successful, the deposit will be refunded.
c. The grounds for any appeal should be that:
i. The athlete’s omission was a result of a failure by PCFS to correctly apply the eligibility and selection criteria set out in this policy;
ii. The athlete’s omission was a result of a failure by PCFS to adhere to the terms set out in this policy;
iii. The existence of new and compelling evidence/data that were not known to the PCFS Selection Panel in the initial assessment.
d. Upon receiving an appeal, PCFS will convene an Appeals Committee comprising of the President, Vice-President and Team Manager of PCFS, as well as a 4th individual who shall be a different member of the PCFS committee than the 4th person in the Selection Committee, but who shall similarly have no conflicts of interest in the selection process.
e. PCFS will inform all parties in writing about the decision to uphold or reject the appeal. The decision will be final, and no further correspondence will be entertained.
PCFS may withdraw its nomination or support for a previously-nominated athlete if he/she:
a. Becomes unable to perform to the required standard due to illness or injury, in the opinion of the assigned coach(es) and Team Manager, after receiving medical advice;
b. Demonstrates a lack of commitment to training requirements, as determined by the assigned coach(es) and Team Manager;
c. Breaches or fails to fulfil any requirement of the Anti-Doping policies of SDSC, SNPC, Anti-Doping Singapore, or other relevant agencies where applicable.
d. Fails to comply with sport-specific classification rules.
To find out more about the nomination criteria, or selection trials, please contact:

Remy Choo
Para Cycling Federation of Singapore

Athena Han
Para Cycling Federation of Singapore