Junior Team Development Programme

(Handcyclists & Tricyclists)


The programme aims to make training more systematic and tailored to help each individual grow physically, mentally and socially, at a pace in which they are comfortable and happy with.

Through the training and fun they will have, it is hoped that they will develop self-confidence, resilience and determination.

Basic Structure

1) Training will focus on 4 areas of bike handling – skills, stamina, speed and teamwork. All athletes will be grouped into teams, depending on the level of competency.

2) Once a trainee has reached the competency levels milestones, they will progress to the next level and team.

3) The trainee will also be expected to be responsible and clean the bikes used for training.


Role of Parents and Caregivers

Parents and caregivers play a critical role to help trainees develop their potential.

PCFS is a volunteer organisation, and we need parents and caregivers to support the coach, and volunteers, during training. Parents and caregivers can assist actively to help prepare/clean the bikes, support during the training, and ensuring safety of the trainees, especially in the carpark and outside of ITE.

The coach and programme lead will help assign roles during the training.

Contact Us:

Please drop us an email, should you have any queries on the training programme.

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