1) About Para Cycling and the Para Cycling Federation of Singapore (PCFS)

Para cycling is an inclusive sport that caters to many abilities, using equipment ranging from bicycles, handcycles to tricycles. It is also an exciting sport to engage in, since cycling has grown to be one of the most popular hobbies for Singaporeans.

The Para Cycling Federation of Singapore (PCFS) is a non-profit national disability sports association. It is dedicated to the development of visually and physically impaired athletes by promoting para cycling as a competitive sport, as a recreational activity, and as a means of rehabilitation for persons with special needs. Para cycling is a recognised sport and medal event at the Paralympics, and is also regarded as a form of alternative physiotherapy for those suffering from conditions such as cerebral palsy, stroke, etc. Through its programmes, PCFS hopes to uplift the para discipline to bring wider and deeper benefits to Persons with Disabilities, and help transform their lives through sport.

More information about PCFS and its programmes can be found at

2) Recruitment of Junior Team Coach
As part of its intensified expansion plans to outreach and help more PWDs, PCFS is searching for a dedicated and motivated coach that wants to help change lives, to make a difference and to help these individuals grow physically, socially and mentally to be more resilient, independent, and have self belief.

3) Key Duties and Responsibilities

a. To train PCFS athletes 1 day per week with each session lasting 2 hours. The current session is on Saturdays 3-5pm.

b. To produce yearly training plans for our athletes inclusive of their performance and training targets agreed upon by the athletes/caregivers and endorsed by PCFS.

c. To plan and oversee the junior team development programme to ensure the continuous development of athletes to the elite level – i.e. development team. This includes working with the PCFS VP in charge of training to identify suitable athletes who can progress to the development team and work towards the standards that will enable these athletes to graduate to the development team

d. To notify PCFS and its athletes of any cancellation or change of venue by serving at least one day’s notice in advance.

e. To be responsible for the athletes’ physical and safety development.

f. To refer the matter to PCFS in the event disciplinary action is to be taken against any athlete during the course of his/her training.

g. To undertake and assume any other duties as and when assigned by PCFS.

4) Requirements and Qualifications
The successful individual should ideally possess the following attributes :
• Qualification or relevant experience in Sports Science or Rehabilitative Services
• Experience or familiar in handling special needs kids or young adults
• Coaching experience and/or qualifications – i.e. National Registry of Coaches license (full qualification or provisional)
• Self-motivated
• Good communicator
• Passionate about doing good
• Involved in volunteer work
Individuals without the relevant qualification and experience may still apply and be considered if they have the right aptitude and possess some of the traits outlined above.

5) Service Fee
The Junior Team Coach will be paid a fee of SGD $ 30.00 nett per hour for local training. The number of hours and trainings will be agreed with PCFS. This currently stands as once a week for two (2) hours on Saturdays between 3-5pm.
The fee may be adjusted depending on the coach’s qualification and willingness to take on additional suitable responsibilities.

 6) Contract Duration
The Contract of Service will be for 12 months, unless otherwise stated. It shall be renewable based on performance and mutual consent.

7) Submission
Interested individuals can email their resume or questions to PCFS’s Executive Secretary, Ms Molly Yap, at email :