SMACK Swedish Paracycling Cup 2018

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SMACK Swedish Paracycling Cup 2018
Stockholm, Sweden
8-9 September

It will be 2 days of competitions for our athletes* from the Development Team in this UCI C1 race!

They will be participating in time trials tomorrow and a road race on Sunday.

All the best guys!!

* Tandems: Steve/Wei Jie(pilot) & Jessen/Murli(pilot)
Handcyclists: Noor Iskandaria & Prashant Arkal.

A short weekend getaway training in Bangkok.

Our para cyclists have just completed a short weekend getaway training in Bangkok.

Overseas training is necessary not only because of the velodrome facilities, but also because it gives our Asian Para Games (APG)-bound athletes much needed exposure.

Much preparation is done behind the scenes by our athletes, volunteers and Sports Development Officers to ensure the equipment gets to the training grounds safe and sound.

If you are keen on volunteering with us as well, do PM us 

Meantime, help us by spurring our athletes competing in APG in Jakarta in October by sending them notes of encouragement!