Notice of Annual General Meeting 2020

Dear PCFS member/volunteer

We would like to invite you to the upcoming annual general meeting (AGM) of the members of the Para-Cycling Federation of Singapore (PCFS). The details of this meeting are as follows:

  • Date:                     25 July 2020 (Saturday)
  • Time:                     3.00 p.m.
  • Platform:             Zoom (you will be sent the link when you confirm your attendance)

At the meeting, members will have the opportunity to:

  • find out and ask questions about PCFS’s operations and finances
  • speak about any items on the agenda
  • vote on any resolutions proposed.

Members will be asked to vote to:

  • accept the minutes of the last annual general meeting
  • accept the annual report
  • accept the auditor’s report
  • accept the annual financial statements
  • appoint and pay an auditor
  • elect new members of the Executive Committee

We look forward to seeing you on 25 July 2020.