Unsung Heroes (Part 2)

We continue to feature those who work behind the scenes… quietly and steadily… taking care of training needs of our athletes.

In this instalment, we resume our focus on the coaching team…

Christian Stauffer, President & Head Coach

In his 5 years as a volunteer with PCFS, Christian’s had to don many hats, performing myriad tasks for the group.

As the Head Coach, not only does he have to oversee the training programme, he also deals with the recruitment of athletes and coaches. Plus, together with the coaching team, the uneviable task of settling issues of discipline.

At our thrice weekly training sessions, it is not uncommon to spot Christian counselling athletes on training and other matters.

“I like witnessing tthe transformation we’ve made bringing about progress , and want to see how far that can go.”

Mark Kelly, Coach

Mark came on board in June of last year when he responded to our appeal for pilots for our vision impaired cyclists.

That first meeting was both intimidating and excithng for the cyclists. We’d heard that he is a three-time Commonwealth Games athlete(1998, 2002, 2006).

With his invaluable experience as a competitive cyclist, he was instrumental in getting our cyclists prepared for the 2017 Aseean Para Games. In particular, the track cycling events.

As a coach, Mark works with the coaching team on the training programme, and is often seen talking to the athletes about proper diet and nutrition.

“I enjoy sharing my cycling experiences, and helping athletes to achieve their potential.”

Devi Chandra, Coach

Devi’s involvement with the group began more than 10 years ago when it was the Handcycling Association of Singapore. She’d seen handcyclists training at the running track, which peaked her interest. It wasn’t long before she was joining them in their twice-weekly training sessions as a volunteer.

In June 2017, Devi was appointed a coach for the junior team, taking on the challenging task of managing the training needs of our junior athletes.

“I am just happy to see our junior athletes having fun and enjoying the training sessions every Saturday…. with time and commitment, I have seen them improve. I believe they will continue to soar to greater heights… It’s a joy to be part of the PCFS family.”

Thank you for believing in us, Coaches!

Unsung Heroes (Part 1)

*In the photo (from left): Manaf Andi, Athena Han & Mohd Dena

Articles and write-ups have been done on our athletes… their struggles, their triumphs.

We thought it time to turn the spotlight on the people who work tirelessly in the background, so that our athletes perform at their best.

Manaf Andi, Team Manager

Manaf’s role as our team manager is all-encompassing. Not only does he have to deal with mechanical issues with the bikes, logistical issues for races and events, he is also the one who disseminates information and updates to the team. In addition ,he oversees our training sessions.

“I will do my best to facilitate the smooth-running of training sessions. Same goes for race and event participation for both the Development and Junior Teams.”


Athena Han, Coach

Athena responded to our call for coaches and joined the PCFS as a volunteer in July 2017. In October that year, she was roped in as an official in the Singapore para cycling contingent at the Asean Para Games in KL. Athena now oversees the training needs of our vision impaired athletes, and physically inpaired bicyclists. “…There are other things I love about coaching here, but this basis of us all being people who love cycling, that’s fundamental.”



Mohd “Yus” Dena, Coach

Fondly known as Yus, Mohd Dena joined PCFS as a volunteer about 8 years ago.

He usually arrives early at ITE College East on training days to prepare bikes for practice.

Yus is most recognizable by his “parade commander” voice which he uses to issue instructions to the athletes during training.


Thank you Manaf, Athena and Yus for your commitment to the team, and for all the hard work you’ve put in!