Singapore Disability Sports Awards 2020.

Well done, Steve Tee and Ang Kee Meng!!

Steve Tee and athlete competition partner, and pilot, Ang Kee Meng, have been cycling together since 2017. The pair enjoy a close relationship and are training hard in preparation for next year’s Paralympics. The pair have been nominated for the Sportsman of the Year category for the Singapore Disability Sports Awards presented by Haw Par Corporation.
Did you know? For tandem para-cycling, a visually impaired athlete, called the stoker, is paired with a sighted counterpart, who is called the pilot.
Stay tuned for more information as we bring the Singapore Disability Sports Awards (SDSA) 2020 to you ‘live’ right here on Facebook, on Friday, 7 August 2020.
You can show your support for our para athletes and the programmes SDSC run, by giving to Project Rebound, as we look to restart para sports and emerge stronger:
Para Cycling Federation of Singapore

Haw Par Para Sports Bursary 2020.

Our heartiest congratulations to our para cyclists Muhammad Amsyar, Noor Iskandaria and Sebastian Tan for being selected to receive the Haw Par Para Sports Bursary 2020.
Well done guys!!

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2020

Dear PCFS member/volunteer

We would like to invite you to the upcoming annual general meeting (AGM) of the members of the Para-Cycling Federation of Singapore (PCFS). The details of this meeting are as follows:

  • Date:                     25 July 2020 (Saturday)
  • Time:                     3.00 p.m.
  • Platform:             Zoom (you will be sent the link when you confirm your attendance)

At the meeting, members will have the opportunity to:

  • find out and ask questions about PCFS’s operations and finances
  • speak about any items on the agenda
  • vote on any resolutions proposed.

Members will be asked to vote to:

  • accept the minutes of the last annual general meeting
  • accept the annual report
  • accept the auditor’s report
  • accept the annual financial statements
  • appoint and pay an auditor
  • elect new members of the Executive Committee

We look forward to seeing you on 25 July 2020.